The question of the body, and in particular the body under capitalism, is a recurrent and indeed central topic. The collective body warms up, having rehearsals in the everyday life, to take care of his own time and rhythm, through the art of maintenance and the self-construction of the space for an assembly. The urban space is political. This is the stage for our idea of choreography.


Emanuele Braga, Maddalena Fragnito and Elisa Serra


Balletto Civile (IT), Colectiva (RO), Labuat (IT), BTU University of Cottbus (DE), Leibniz University of Hannover (DE), Santa Chiara University of Siena (IT), Studio Lov (DE), mare culturale urbano (IT), Manifatture Kons (IT), Dirty Art Department University (NL), Programma Cultura Comunità Europea (EU), Rotor (AT), Mappino San Siro (IT), Mamme a Scuola (IT), Scuola elementare L. Cadorna (IT), Scuola elementare L. Radice (IT), WeMake (IT), Serio Collective (IT), Macao (IT), Cohabitation Strategies (US/ES), Constructlab (DE), Colocò (FR), Exyszt (FR/DE), Serpicanaro (IT), Strasse (IT), Paola Anzichè (IT), Gilles Clement (FR), Elisa Serra (DE), Leonardo Delogu (IT), Sara Leghissa (IT), Andrea Masu (IT), Antonio Mainenti (IT), Erasmus Sherjon (NL), Gaia Giani (IT), Paco Capaldi (IT), Simona di Meo (IT), Anna Raimondo (IT), Leonardo Ruvolo (IT), Camilla Pin Montagnana (IT), Spazio BK (IT), Ludosofici (IT), …